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What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This security measure makes sure that all of your customer information like name, email, phone number and credit card number are encrypted and safe from hackers. It also makes customers feel safe and more likely to trust your website with their private personal information. 

How it works?

Prior to HTTPS was HTTP. HTTP is a protocol for data exchange on the internet but did not have the higher measure of security that HTTPS has. When data is exchanged on the internet it goes from the website to the web server. In that process if you don't have an HTTPS website then you are operating on an insecure network that has a chance to get hacked.

Every website we create at SiteMap is protected by HTTPS in order to protect your customers and increase your websites rank on search engines.

HTTPS encrypts the data during the journey from the website to the web server so hackers cant configure what is being sent during the process protecting your customers from fraud.