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What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a web file connected to your website that lists and organizes all of your pages within your website. Sitemaps are a great way for search engines to read and understand your web pages and produce them efficiently within a search. 


Imagine a sitemap as an entire tree with your home page being the tree itself. All of the other pages that your website contains like the services, or about me pages are the roots of the tree. Since everything is linked together this makes it easy for search engines to crawl your site and show it to people that are searching for it. 

Why have a sitemap?

  • Sitemaps make crawling and indexing pages easier and more comprehensive for search engines. 

  • Provides information about the content within your website like images and videos so search engines can organize them properly.

  • Contains metadata about your content that helps determine how important the page is to the person searching for it.