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Client Side

The client side of coding involves the user and the web browser. when a person clicks on a website that action gets sent to the search engine which sends information to its server to retrieve that website and show you the contents within in a quick and reliable process.


Overall the client side sends information to the server, retrieves information from the server, arranges it in proper format, and shows it to the user.

Code languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Server Side

The server side of coding involves the server it self. The server recognizes the request from the web browser to load that page and then connects it to the person requesting it with lighting fast speed.


Overall the server side gathers information sent from the client side, finds that information within its massive storage, sends and structures that information back to the client side.

Code languages: ASP, Python, C#, PHP, C++, Java


The database collects and stores computer information in files that can be called upon when necessary.  This is typically found in websites that store data of customer profiles, sales transactions, inventory reports, and other types of business related information that usually requires a lot of storage space.

Code languages: SQL, Python, Ruby, ASP.NET, PHP