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Flagler Beach, FL, 32136​​

Tel: 386-589-2618





+$29.99 per month for hosting & maintenance 

Includes a 4 page professional website




+$39.99 per month for hosting and maintenance 

Includes a 8 page professional website

All packages include

Visitor Analytics

  • Gets you quarterly updates on viewer traffic, website performance, and statistics.

  • Stay informed on how many people are viewing your website and what they are looking at the most with a detailed spreadsheet.




+$49.99 per month for hosting & maintenance

Includes a 10+ page professional website

Enterprise also includes


  • Gets you connected with Google Adwords to increase your search traffic.


*Pricing is based on averages and is subjected to change higher or lower depending on what is needed for your specific website. For example if you want the standard package and want to add on a Google Adwords then the price will rise according to that additional feature. Also feel free to take away features in the package that you might not need. For example if you want the Enterprise package but don't want Google Adwords then we will adjust your price to be lower. 

How it works?

Choose your Package

Choose the package that fits you and your business according to how many pages and how much maintenance you would like. Business's that consistently change and update their products every month should go with the Enterprise package. Once you pick the package you want you will be directed to the contact page. From there fill out your name, number, business name and more. 

Fill out the Info Sheet

You will notice that there is an "Information Sheet" attached to the contact page. This document goes over all the information we need in order to make your website. Please fill out this info sheet to the best of your ability and send it to our email with all of your pictures, videos, and logos attached. Our email address is

Sign the Contract

After you send us your info sheet and contact info we will reach out to you very shortly going over your ideas for your new website. Once we agree to a central plan for your new site we will then send you a contract. Our contracts are typically 1 year long. Don't worry if you are not satisfied or can no longer pay the monthly fee you can cancel at any time without penalty. We typically send out invoices quarterly, but if you would like them semi annually or annually we do that too.

Enjoy your new Website

It takes us on average about 4-8 weeks to create your website. After that your website will be published and fully functional. Please allow additional time for search engines to properly index your website. Get ready, because once that's complete you will be getting tons of new visitors on your website. If you would like to make any content changes in the future just send us an email at and please be as detailed as possible. Thank you!