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With Google Adwords you can easily attract more customers and expand your brand presence online. You can reach people exactly at the right time when they search on Google for what your business is offering. Bring in a whole new customer base and continue to grow your business. You can also target the exact areas geographically that you want your business to be noticed.


How google adwords work

Google Adwords starts with a person searching the internet for a solution to their problem or question. That person types keywords into the search engine that match what they are looking for.


For example say you own a gym. We will input keywords like gym, lose weight, and get fit into your Google Adwords account. Then if that person types the phrase "how to lose weight" and since one of your keywords is "lose weight" then your website has a higher chance of ranking on the top searches for that person.


How frequent your website advertisement comes up on the top searches depends on how much your willing to spend per day for that add and what areas you are directly targeting for that add. Going back to our gym example say if you only have one location then you can target your adds directly to people in that specific area for as long as your would like. 

You can stop and start Google Adwords whenever you like.

Search advertisement

At SiteMap we specialize in search ads which appear directly from a Google search. These ads will appear on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from people typing in your specific keyword. We will create this account for you as well as maintain the account. We will work with you and set up keywords that will maximize your website traffic. We will work with you to set a daily budget for your ad and we will send you quarterly updates and reports to show you how your ad is performing.

Search Ads

Appears on search results if your keyword is typed