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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is one of the most important aspects of your website. With well made SEO your website can pull in quality visitors that are searching for what your website is offering and also a higher quantity of visitors. Search engines display links that are relevant to what each person is searching for. Therefore if your website is properly designed with a header that people search for, keywords within your content, and well prepared information that people might want to share, then that type of website has a higher chance of ranking closer to the top of a search page. 

10 ways to increase website traffic

1. Header 

A well made header or title is often the first thing people see when they open your website. You want that header to grab peoples attention ​and get them excited about reading the rest of your content. The header also has to be worded in a way that people will actually search for it, for example take a look at the title of this web page it says "What is SEO?" this is worded the same way that a normal person would type out into a search engine if they were seeking to find information about SEO. Users don't appreciate misleading headlines, always make sure that your titles relate to the content you are presenting.

2. Content

The next most important step is having well written content within your website that visitors want to know and understand. You have key information that the visitor wants to learn about, it is extremely important that you tell that information in a simple, easy to read, and user friendly experience. ​Sometimes website designers focus too much on putting as many keywords in the content as possible, this is absolutely a mistake. It is good to have a few keywords (of course keywords will naturally come out while writing) but its more important to have content that flows in unison and is easy for everyone to understand, because then you have a higher chance of your website being shared to other people who might be interested in your content. 

3. Mobile Compatible 

Today about 77% of Americans own some sort of smart phone device, and in other countries the amount of smart phones has surpassed the amount of computers. This means that most of your website traffic is going to come from a mobile device. Making sure that your website is mobile friendly is a top priority for gaining website traffic and growing your business on the internet. Having your website mobile friendly improves your website engagement and your SEO. Google specifically identifies if your website is mobile friendly and tends to favor them among search results. Thus increasing the amount of possible customers you may gain from your website.

4. Links

Internal links are relevant pages in your site that users can find by clicking an image or anchor text, which is the blue highlighted text that leads you to a new page. The two main benefits of having internal links are reducing your bounce rates so viewers stay on your website longer, and increases SEO because of the added keywords. For example if you own a gym and have a website and you want more traffic going toward your website then it would be a great idea to make a page about the benefits of cardio and link to it within your website. People searching for this topic might stumble upon your new page about cardio and look through the rest of your website, therefor increasing your website traffic.

5. Alt Text

Every image you have on your website should have alternative text or alt text with it. This is because search engines simple don't have the time or technology to scan your images to figure out what is on them. You must add this text to your image so search engines can understand what the image is about. This places the image under the search engine images page and if anyone is trying to find a picture with similar keywords in your alt text then your image might show up for them. Why is this important? Because that image is linked to your website, so if people frequently find that image then they have a chance of clicking on your website.

6. User Interface

It is very important that people know exactly who, what, when, where and how about your website openly on your home page. highlight the main focal point of your brand and business in a obvious and clear manner so people can easily understand what your business does and what your business is selling. Make sure that you have a consistent page layout and design throughout your website to enhance the fluidity of the user interface. Formatted content that easily follows the flow of the natural eye movement as well as strategically placed images, text, and video that is shown in a way that is elegant and yet simple at the same time.

7. Website Speed

Decreasing page load times is very essential for maintaining viewer attention. When you have a fast loading website viewers have a higher chance of reading your page and looking through the rest of your website which decreases your bounce rate. Increasing website speed can be done by optimizing images and making sure they are not too large, use efficient and optimal code, try to eliminate unnecessary redirects, and make sure you have the proper server response time according to your website traffic. Search engines also recently stated that they use website speed within their system to rank pages, so if your website has faster load times then you have a higher chance of ranking higher on results. You can find out your website load speed with Google PageSpeed Insights.

9. Social Media

Social media profiles show up in search engines results just as a normal website do. Having credible links to your website on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube boost your credibility within the eyes of a search engine. The more trustworthy sources that share your website the more search engines will believe your site is credible and therefor will increase your keyword ranks. It is important to remember that social media websites are modern search engines too. YouTube is the second most used search engine under Google, and it continuous to grow each year. Social media accounts also usually show more personality compared to their website and is a great way to acquire a loyal audience that you can present your content to.

10. Domain Name

Domain names a few years ago used to be one of the most important aspects of SEO, but now things have changed. Domain names are still important but not as much as they used to be. It is important to have a domain name that stands out, is easy to read, and is easy to remember. Don't use hyphens between words because they are related to spam. Be sure to purchase only these top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .edu) preferable a .com if you are a business. Do not use domains that end in .info or .biz because they usually relate to spam or untrustworthy websites. Use sub directory ( instead of sub domains ( Basically use the name of your business with a .com at the end if that domain is available. Don't worry about putting keywords in your domain name.